The Susan Rumors was conceived in the back room at the Dragonfly Music & Coffee Cafe in Somerville, NJ by Joe Furnari, Mark Nuzzi and Bruce Tunkel.

Back in the 1980s, Bruce was a member of The Red House, Mark and Joe members of Soul Engines, legendary bands both. The two band’s paths often crossed, and they played together on a number of shows. Soul Engines also recorded some demos at Bruce’s Beanland Studios. It was there they discovered their mutual love of WPIX Channel 11’s classic 11pm lineup of The Honeymooners, Odd Couple and Star Trek. Not to mention The Godfather.

Fast forward some 25 years. Mark and Joe were writing and performing as The Jenny Pilots. A chance encounter brought them together with Bruce on a few shows. Mark and Bruce discovered that they lived near each other and the three got together at Beanland to record a Jenny Pilots demo.

A trip to the Dragonfly during the session to check out the open mic night was auspicious. The Jenny Pilots and Bruce performed for the first of what has become many times.

One night, soon after, an interesting idea was put forth: “Why don’t we start a Traveling Wilburys kind of band?” It took off like wildfire. Ten songs were written in 3 weeks, with Joe, Mark and Bruce bouncing ideas off of each other effortlessly, a collaboration in the truest sense. Each song would have Mark and Bruce sharing lead vocals, weaving in and out of harmonies with each other, while Joe anchored the song with guitar hooks.

Recording the songs proved effortless also. Gino Scelza (from Soul Engines) on bass and Johnny Macko (from Maybe Pete) on drums completed the band.

The result is a pop masterpiece with an impeccable NJ rock pedigree.

The secret of the band’s name may be found at the Dragonfly.